Scheduled Meetups

Meetups for the Spring semester are on-hold as the University policy regarding coronavirus prevents events from being held.

All attendees must follow the established Code of Conduct.

Please make sure to bring your laptop to all meetups and join our RStudio Cloud space.

Date Type Topic Speaker Slides Code Video
Jan 29, 2020 A rstudio::conf(2020L) Watch Party! Temple Hoyne Buell Hall 134
Dec 9, 2019 B Data Wrangling with dplyr David Dalpiaz
Dec 2, 2019 C Welcome to UC-UR James Balamuta & David Dalpiaz

We have three types of events:

  • B: Beginner activities that seek to improve the starting experience of new R users.
  • C: Collaborative projects, hackathons, or open hours to work together on analyzing data.
  • A: Advanced Talks focused on intermediary or advanced concepts with the R language.

Want to get involved?

We're always interested in having speakers. If you would like to talk, please let us know by creating an issue on our GitHub issue tracker.

Want to contribute or help out with the user group? Please let us know via e-mail.